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Contract Information
What does the contract involve?
Race for Education involves a step-by-step process.  We “walk” you through
each phase of this fundraiser.  Our ultimate goal while organizing this
fundraiser is to teach & equip your Race Committee to succeed, not only in
this year’s program, but also in the future.  The “steps” include the following:

  1. Creation of a Timeline (with 28 dates) to facilitate the organization of
    your first Race for Education.
  2. An initial “Work Session” (75 minutes) is conducted with the Race
    Committee leadership.  Committee members are provided with sample
    documents which we discuss in order to create your Race for Education
  3. Based on the answers to the “Work Session Questions,” first drafts of
    materials are sent to you for your approval.
  4. Originals of all materials for the Race for Education are created and
    sent to the school/organization to be printed.
  5. A twenty minute Teacher Training is provided to faculty, staff, and
    Race Committee members in order to prepare them for the “kick-off”
    of your Race for Education.
  6. Weekly follow-up (i.e., phone calls, e-mails, memos) is provided to the
    school/organization in order to guide the Race Committee leadership
    through the  specific dates/events on the Timeline.  
  7. Volunteer Training materials and Record Keeping Training materials
    are provided to the Race Committee. These materials instruct the
    committee throughout all the volunteer phases of your Race for
  8. Race Day “Preparation & Tips” are provided to help ensure the success
    of your Race for Education event.
  9. Following the Race for Education, your school/organization will be given
    a CD which contains all of your Race materials.  
  10. Following the first year's Race for Education, your school/organization
    will be allowed to conduct all future Race for Education fundraisers
    without paying a commission or royalty fee.
  11. Free advice and materials are provided to your school/organization for
    as many years as you hold additional Race for Education programs.
  12. In the event that new leadership takes over the running of your Race
    for Education, we are available for support and assistance during the
Agreement: The school/organization, in exchange for consulting services
provided by the
Race for Education company, agrees to pay a 20%
commission on the funds received for this event as long as the commission
fee equals or exceeds $1,000.00. The 20% commission fee is based on a
"two-tier structure." 15% of the commission fee covers the organization and
oversight the school's
Race for Education during the first year. An
additional 5% is built into the contract because we "give away copyright use"
to the school
after the first year. We are the only national jog-a-thon
company that does not require schools to sign a "multi-year contract." As a
result, the total 20% commission includes our services for the first year plus
the free consultation and materials we provide to your school for as many
years as you hold additional
Race for Education programs.

In the event that the 20% commission fee is less than $1,000.00, the school
agrees to pay a set fee of $1,000.00 for the consulting services provided by
Race for Education. The fee shall be calculated on the basis of all funds
(except those monies raised by faculty & staff) received for the
Race for
up until 45 days following the event. However, the commission
amount paid to
Race for Education shall not exceed $7,500, regardless of
the total monies raised by the school. The commission check shall be made
payable to
Race for Education. In addition, all monies received after 45
days following the
Race for Education shall belong to the school, and no
further commission shall be paid.

It is also understood that, following the first year’s
Race for Education, the
school/organization will be allowed to conduct all future
Race for Education
events without paying a commission or royalty fee. However, in exchange for
this privilege when conducting future
Race for Education events, the
school/organization agrees to print copyright information on all the mailers
that are sent to prospective sponsors.  Furthermore, in order to avoid
copyright violation, the school/organization will not give away the
Race for
program to other schools.

In addition, the school/organization agrees to follow the “Guidelines for
Success” requirements in order to ensure the success of
Race for
When a school/organization contacts our office for an
“informational packet,” we will include a written contract
and also a copy of the
“Guidelines for Success” document.
What services do we receive from Race for Education
as part of the contract agreement?